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Transformation through personal, social & financial wellbeing

At PDP we believe that personal, social and financial wellbeing is paramount to a thriving society. 

We inspire and support individuals, workplaces and communities to develop their wellbeing so that they can flourish.

For more than 12 years we have successfully achieved this for all of our clients through our unique blend of high-impact, experiential training programmes underpinned by our 4 level relationship theory. 

We operate across all sectors, working with groups of all sizes, tailoring our training to meet the needs of the individual and the group.

We have something unique to offer any organisation or community that cares about the wellbeing of its people. Take a look at our programmes. 

Our Experience

Participants who have increased their confidence
Customers who are happy with our results
Apprentices who undertook TCT and stuck with the apprenticeship as a result
About <span>Us</span>

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 The three R's 

Relationships - All of our training programmes are fun and interactive and by exploring their relationships people learn to communicate better as well as learning to appreciate each other, develop leadership skills and resolve conflict more effectively. A good team can usually find a way to make even a poor plan to work but a poor team can wreck a good plan. 

Resilience - By building resilience people can develop and maintain the energy needed to succeed and they can inspire and motivate one another even when experiencing setbacks. 

Reflection - By becoming more reflective people can develop a ‘learning culture’ in which mistakes are development opportunities and blame is seen as unproductive. 

Whatever sector your organisation is working in, you will need people to be at their best. We are proud of all our partners and we hope that you will become our next.

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Effective Personal Development

Our short video explores what we do differently to other training companies.

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Our Team

Collectively, PDP has over 50 years management and training experience across the private, public and voluntary sectors. PDP works with clients of all sizes requiring assistance with a broad range of personal development needs.


Our most high profile work to date has been to assist in the establishment of the National Citizen Service for the government in 2006. This national personal development programme for all 16 year olds has been established to revolutionize the country’s approach to informal education for young people. 


Paul Oginsky

Paul Oginsky

Chief Executive

Chief Executive, Paul Oginsky, is a renowned speaker on relational management at events and conferences and has had numerous articles published on personal development and self-esteem. 

Paul has formed two national charities that placed personal development at the heart of their purpose and is widening the reach of personal development through PDP.

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Sianette Owens

Chief Operating Officer

Originally from Manchester, Sianette studied Community Studies at Liverpool John Moores University where she embarked upon a work experience placement with Weston Spirit and where she first met Paul. After a 12 months ‘Community Gap’ volunteer placement (funded by the Rank Foundation) Sianette joined the Projects Team at Weston Spirit where she delivered national personal development programmes, notably the ‘Reach for the Sky Community Award’ for partner Sky TV.

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Tony Smith

Training Director

Tony has been involved in Personal and Social Development (PSD) for the last 26 years, attending a residential with the charity Weston Spirit aged 17.  Through a years’ long membership his self-esteem began to grow and grow, before realising PSD would dominate his professional career.


Our Clients

We work with a wide network of individuals and companies to help people realise their true potential.

Our Services

The services we offer are designed to benefit individuals so a 'one size fits all' approach will not do. Each workshop will challenge and stretch the group sometimes physically and mentally. 

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Programme Design
Upskilling Staff

TCT Achievements

At PDP we like to celebrate our achievements and those of our groups.  

700 TCT participants since 2013
100 % of participants on TCT state that they have gained confidence
25 organisations directly engaged with since 2013
50 apprentices directly received TCT in Merseyside alone


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