The Time Machine Trainer

The Time Machine Trainer

Professor Stephen Hawkins in his book ‘A Brief History of Time’ explains that there is a place in the universe where time actually stands still. Known as the ‘event horizon’, it is the rim of a black hole.

Well far be it from me to contradict the Professor but I am sure that I have found another place where time is flexible; it is the ‘training room’. If you get a good trainer, time flies, an hour can fly by in 10 minutes but oh my god a rubbish trainer can make time stop and even run backwards!

If you have experienced a really poor, bum numbing, life zapping training session, look at your watch -each second is at least seven Mississippi’s!!

So after 30 years in pursuit of perfecting the art of training people here are my top tips for teachers, trainers and lecturers to run a brain boosting training session that will make those Mississippi’s fly by and be remembered forever!

To avoid the Zzz and remember the SSS!

The 3 S’s stand for: Singer, Song and Stadium.

The simile being if you get a great singer with a great song in a great stadium you can’t go far wrong.

  1. Singer – You are the Michael Buble of the training room! You are the singer! Every trainer is an entertainer and every training course is a performance. You need an introduction, even if you introduce yourself, you need to ‘own’ the room and you need to feel good about yourself. Consider your appearance and be excited, this training is a unique event. Anticipate enjoyment! Your energy will lead the energy in the room. Put your best socks and underwear on and get out there and enjoy it! Important Note* Not only socks and underwear.
  2. Song – This is your material ensure it is interactive, insightful and challenging? Remember especially when you are delivering on a serious subject matter you can’t have a bit of fun, you have got to have lots and lots of fun! Tell stories, use your imagination! If you’re feeling it, they are feeling it!
  3. Stadium – Why is Shakespeare better at the Globe? Do not underestimate the importance of the environment in which your training will happen. Can you be heard and seen? Is there room to move if you wish. Are your audience / participants comfortable and in the right place? If you can’t get rid of distractions, make them part of your training. I was once running a training on communication when I pneumatic drill started outside, so I banned talking for the rest of the day!

Does all this sound like common sense? Well let’s jump in my time machine and go back to my school days! You will see low energy singers with humdrum songs and an audience who did not want to be there, sitting behind desks and learning nothing. A waste of time and youth! Apart from Mr Marsh’s biography class, that was brilliant! If I had a time machine I would go back to Mr Marsh’s class. Or perhaps I would go forward to yours? …………It was superb, well done!