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About PDP

We Provide Awesome Personal Development Workshops

About Personal Development Point (PDP)

PDP are specialist personal development training providers, at the forefront of personal and social development and with a proven track record of designing and delivering effective and bespoke packages around issues such as engagement, attainment and employability.

We work using relevant theories and tried and tested methodologies. PDP supports the general wellbeing of individuals and groups through the provision of personal development courses and workshops that enable people to take a positive and proactive approach to life.

Often working in partnership with a variety of organisations, we offer affordable, unique and flexible personal development innovations to all sectors utilising our vast experience. We have a proven track record of motivating and enhancing relationships amongst people in a wide range of organisations and situations; including those who are deemed as the ‘hardest to reach’ such as the long term unemployed and young people.

About <span>PDP</span>

We believe that:

“Personal and social development is a process by which we learn from our experiences and become more effective in our decisions and our relationships”

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Relationships - Reflection - Resilience

We are named ‘Personal Development Point ‘to emphasize continuous character development of our staff, our partners and our clients. We design experiential training programmes for organisations and individuals based on what we have identified as the alternative 3 ‘R’s


If people have a low opinion of themselves they will struggle to build positive relationships with others. For this reason our staff offer and encourage positive feedback which acknowledges the attributes of every person. It is equally important to tackle negative characteristics in a forthright manner without judgement. By adopting this approach organisations can design and deliver programmes, which are conducive to character development and radiate positive relationships beyond the training room into homes and communities.



We seek out or introduce personal / group dilemmas and offer guided reflection to capture learnings and ensure that people are able to transfer their learning to lead more effective lives.



We embrace ‘failure with learning’!

All of our work encourages people to push themselves physically, socially and mentally.  We set the bar high in the full knowledge that ‘failure’ is a real possibility and a real asset in the process of building resilience. We set a successful culture of character development by ensuring that everyone understands that ‘failure with learning’ is actually an important form of success!


Our Training

PDP training can be recognised for how it utilises the following 10 key characteristics to ensure a quality experience:

  • Voluntary – Participants choose to take part
  • Safe – Behavioural contracts are agreed prior to the start
  • Underpinned by theory – Programmes are designed using educational principles
  • Experiential – Participants learn by doing
  • Adaptable - Has a plan which adapts to the participants
  • Group work – Participants support each other’s learning
  • Challenging – The training encourages participants out of their ‘comfort’ zone
  • Fun – Programmes are enjoyable and delivered with good humour
  • Guided reflection – Trainers ensure that realisations are recognised and captured
  • Transferred learning – Participants plan and commit to using what they have learned
Relationships - Reflection - Resilience

Paul Oginsky

Chief Executive

Our Team

Collectively, PDP has over 50 years management and training experience across the private, public and voluntary sectors. PDP works with clients of all sizes requiring assistance with a broad range of personal development needs.


Our most high profile work to date has been to assist in the establishment of the National Citizen Service for the Conservative party in 2006. This national personal development programme for all 16 year olds has been established to revolutionize the country’s approach to informal education for young people.

Paul Oginsky

Paul Oginsky

Chief Executive

Chief Executive, Paul Oginsky, is a renowned speaker on relational management at events and conferences and has had numerous articles published on personal development and self-esteem. 

Paul has formed two national charities that placed personal development at the heart of their purpose and is widening the reach of personal development through PDP. Read more>


Sianette Owens

Chief Operating Officer

Originally from Manchester, Sianette studied Community Studies at Liverpool John Moores University where she embarked upon a work experience placement with Weston Spirit and where she first met Paul. After a 12 months ‘Community Gap’ volunteer placement (funded by the Rank Foundation) Sianette joined the Projects Team at Weston Spirit where she delivered national personal development programmes, notably the ‘Reach for the Sky Community Award’ for partner Sky TV. Read more>


Tony Smith

Training Director

Tony has been involved in Personal and Social Development (PSD) for the last 26 years, attending a residential with the charity Weston Spirit aged 17.  Through a years’ long membership his self-esteem began to grow and grow, before realising PSD would dominate his professional career. Read More > 

Sianette Owens

Chief Operating Officer