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It’s time to redefine leadership.
I think we can all agree there is a crisis in leadership. At the heart of this crisis is lack of trust. I don’t want to get into a discussion on the pros and cons of the leaders of the past and the leaders we have now. What I want to do is to generate […] Read more »

The Government Launches Serious Violence Strategy
The spate of murders, acid attacks and stabbing in London this year are shocking and incredibly sad. Our television screens and newspapers have been full of commentators and politicians calling for something to be done. Calls have been for more police, more stop and search, longer sentences and even the introductions of curfews. All these […] Read more »

Character Education in the UK
Ill-defined, misguided and poorly targeted but not a total waste of money. Character is important. It’s important in achieving personal goals, building relationships, obtaining employment and avoiding problems. In fact it defines how we live our lives. The problem is that whilst everyone agrees that character and therefore character development is important there is no […] Read more »