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PDP Conference 2016
PDP’s “Meeting The Challenge Of Changing Youth Services”  FREE Conference 2016 Book your place here.    PDP’s “Protect The Future Of Youth Services” Debate 2016 Room 2, Manchester Central Library, St Peter’s Square, Manchester M2 5PD Monday 25th April 2016, 2:00pm – 4:00pm Find out how to continue to deliver effective services. Explore the challenges changing the face of youth services in a debate chaired by former […] Read more »

You Can’t Teach Character! 
Teaching is defined as ‘imparting knowledge or skills; to give instruction to’ and as such it is limited to the development of what people know and what they can do. Character qualities such as resilience, confidence and creativity can be develop by a skilled facilitator but they cannot be taught by a teacher.   The […] Read more »

The Time Machine Trainer
Professor Stephen Hawkins in his book ‘A Brief History of Time’ explains that there is a place in the universe where time actually stands still. Known as the ‘event horizon’, it is the rim of a black hole. Read more »

The Game Changer!
Dubbed as ‘Boot Camps’ by the press the UK government is about to make a monumental mistake when it launches the new ‘Intensive Activity Programme’ in 2017 if it focusses on CV writing, interview skills, Maths, English and job search as reported. On current plans the most essential ingredient is missing and the programme will […] Read more »

There’s no such thing as Self-confidence!
There’s no such thing as Self-confidence! That heading may seem like a strange statement for someone who has dedicated his life to personal and social development but self-confidence is in fact an example of a ‘coco’ or confusing concepts (see previous blog –  Avoid the Killer Coco!) In this case, the confusion is between self-esteem […] Read more »

Avoid the Killer Coco!
As personal and social development specialists we often work with people who are ‘off track’. Our role is to help them re-consider their priorities and make more effective decisions. One reason people and organisations lose their way is because they fall into the trap of ‘confusing concepts’, something we refer to as a ‘coco’. These […] Read more »

Jam on Toast!
What’s your pleasure? Wine? Chocolate? A flutter? Shopping? Recreational drugs? Each of these can be undeniably pleasurable but many religions take a dim view of pleasures such as these with a special mention to the pleasures of the flesh! Clearly some people have huge and life destroying problems with addictions to these pleasures. In fact […] Read more »

What is social fabric?
If the policy went on strike or took part in a mass resignation, how long would it be before there where riots? In other words, is it law enforcement which keeps us from each other’s throats? I was working in No 10 at the time of the riots in 2011. People who were trying to […] Read more »