About Money & Me

Money & Me is a one-day workshop that supports participants to develop awareness and skills that promote healthy financial behaviour in the areas of financial awareness, values, resilience and planning. It aims to inspire and equip participants to see money as something positive in their lives that can help them to achieve their goals and improve their overall wellbeing. 

The Money & Me Approach

At PDP we understand that decisions are not only based on knowledge and skills, they are largely based on emotional drivers and experiences. Money & Me is underpinned by PDPs 4 Level Relationship Theory and looks at a participant’s relationship with themselves, others, the community and, importantly, with money.The workshop creates a unique environment that is fun, but also challenging. During the day participants will explore issues relating to EARNING, BUYING, SELLING, SHARING, TAKING, INVESTING & GIVING. 

Money & Me Key Outcomes

Participants will develop awareness and skills that promote healthy financial behaviour including:

  • financial awareness: better understand relationship with money and what drives emotions, behaviours and habits.
  • financial values: gain clarity on personal values that are linked to money and aligning actions to these values.
  • financial resilience: manage negativity and discomfort about money or talking about money, identify unhealthy reactions to triggers or setbacks, resolve conflict, exercise self-control, think more positively and be open to change.
  • financial planning: act with confidence in building commitment to financial goals and taking practical steps in the right direction towards financial planning, including engaging with the products, services and advice available.

Why Money & Me?

Financial education is vital  – it gives people knowledge and understanding to improve their personal finances. 

While financial education may improve a person’s knowledge and understanding of financial products and services available, there are powerful psychological barriers, based on beliefs and experiences, that can prevent them from achieving financial literacy and stability. 

In order to achieve sustained behavioural change, there is a vital need to look beyond information overload, towards the values and attitudes that control how people act around money. 

Money is an integral part of our lives, and if someone’s relationship with it is dysfunctional, it will impact not just their financial wellbeing, but also their personal and social wellbeing. 

We all know we should save more, budget better and learn about investing wisely – but doing something about this needs a change in mindset

Over 10 million people in the UK are financially 'struggling'

(Money Advice Service, January 2019)

Money & Me is the starting point to the journey to financial wellbeing.



Money & Me - Who is it for?

Are you an organisation with clients or staff that could benefit from building a healthier relationship with money? Do you want to support your clients to:

  • change how they think, feel and behave around money?
  • form good money attitudes and habits?
  • develop the motivation and confidence to want to manage money well?

We believe everyone at some point needs to examine their relationship with money, however this course can really benefit the least financially resilient segment of society who may be experiencing:

  • low income
  • social rented accommodation
  • high levels of debt
  • high levels of benefits dependency
  • tight budgets with little or no safety net
  • lower levels of financial confidence

The workshop can be delivered in a range of community venues including workplaces, banks, schools, community centres and prisons. Money & Me can be delivered by PDPs highly trained staff, or we can work with your staff on our Money & Me Train the Trainer Programme. 

Case Study

Money & Me is a pioneering take on financial wellbeing, and RBS are delighted to be working with PDP on how the programme can continue to be used across the UK.

Read the RBS Case Study


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