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Our Programmes


If your organisation works with people facing varied and often complex issues then PDP can help you make your next move.

We have a range of services to offer. Each are tailored to fit the indiviuals involved so a 'one size fits all' approach will not do. 

PDP can help your organisation or the people you work with using the appropriate product for you. During 18 hours of interactive training, participants will move through the three phases - Reflection, Relationships and Resiliance to ensure they grow their self-awareness, focus and ambition:

Our Programmes

Tony Smith

Training Director

Total Commitment Training

Ensure your people get results. Develop positive relationships and enhance resilience.

Total Commitment Training has been designed by PDP to enable people of all ages to develop positive relationships, enhance their resilience and utilise reflection techniques.

Target Groups

Total Commitment Training has had proven results for:

  • Unemployed young people
  • Long term unemployed adults
  • Troubled families
  • Students / Apprentices


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Our Experience

Participants that have increased their confidence
Customers that have been happy with the results
Apprentices who undertook TCT and stuck with the apprenticeship as a result compared to a national average of about 75%
Total Commitment Training

How could TCT benefit your company?

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Company Team Challenge

Energise your team...

A good work force should be focused, skilled and able to work as a team, Company Team Challenge has been developed by PDP to help businesses achieve better results in their professional lives. 

Flexible - CTC works around your team, you select the venue and the time. Choose from a 1/2 day up to two days, then decide upon the outcomes you are looking for from the training. The plan will adapt to suit the participants. 

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Challenge your team

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The PDP Emerging Leaders Programme (ELP) is a unique opportunity to develop your company’s succession plan and for employees to enhance their ability and willingness to lead. ELP builds confidence and vision whilst meeting other ‘up and coming’ stars of the future.

The criteria to join the programme defies a rigid definition. As a guide, participants will have a willingness to learn and may be surprised to be chosen. Other than these, we rely on judgment. Future leadership potential is a case of ‘you know it when you see it’.

ELP is learning through:

  • Exploration
  • Explanation
  • Experience.


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Encourage your emerging leaders!

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Money & Me

Money & Me is a one-day workshop that supports participants to develop awareness and skills that promote healthy financial behaviour in the areas of financial awareness, values, resilience and planning. 

The workshop aims to inspire and equip participants to see money as something positive in their lives that can help them to achieve their goals and improve their overall wellbeing. 


Money & Me creates a unique environment that is both fun and relatable, but also challenging and stretching. The programme immerses participants in challenges where they are given opportunities to look at their actions and determine whether their actions align with their values.


Money & Me encourages:

  • Financial Awareness
  • Financial Values
  • Financial Resiliance
  • Financial Planning


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Money & Me

Upskilling Staff  

Enable your staff to deliver effective personal and social development training.

Any training course or programme is only as good as the staff. The typical organisation will spend between 50% and 60% on staffing costs but less than 3% on training. Ensure that your staff have the latest thinking in the area of personal and social development. We will introduce them to the latest thinking in engaging people, avoiding conflict, building confidence, promoting resilience and can also cover specific topics of your choice. 

Why not invest in the proven programme Total Commitment Training? We can train and licence your staff to deliver this amazing course to students, apprentices, unemployed people and others in your area.

All investments have risks but there are also risks in not investing in your staff. In todays society you need to get results and you need to stay ahead of the curve. We can help you.

Programme Design

PDP has led on the design of all the major UK personal and social development programmes.

Our Chief Executive is at the forefront of thinking in the field of personal and social development training. He has advised leading charities, businesses and housing associations on the design and development of their award winning programmes and when the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP wanted to design a world class programme for the young people of the UK he appointed Paul as his policy advisor. 

“Paul Oginsky has a fantastic track record of inspiring a generation of young people to live lives of purpose and achievement,” Prime Minister Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP

 If you are running a developmental programme for young people or people of all ages and would like Paul and the PDP team to inject some impact and sparkle we would love to hear from you.


Claire Bennett


Becky McGloven