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PDP have delivered three TCT courses for young people aged 15-20 who are at risk, with most referrals coming through the Supporting Leicestershire Families Team.  Known locally as the Horizon Course, the courses have proved successful, with three full courses already delivered and other future courses booked. The TCT programme has helped give all the young people a massive lift, which the Supporting Leicestershire Family case workers have been able to use to continue their development.

“I have been very impressed with the attitude of PDP staff towards the young people on the course, they really seem to bring the best out in them. Many of these young people have come from chaotic families and have struggled to engage with other projects, however this seems to have really worked to build their confidence and communication skills.”

Sarah-Jane Favell  –  Community Safety Team Leader, Stronger & Safer Communities Team, North West Leicestershire District Council

“We would like to say that this programme was a fantastic opportunity for the young people we work with, it was fantastic to see them grow and develop over the weeks, they have all finished feeling like they have achieved something, as support workers we are able to continue this work with the young people and continue to build upon what has been achieved. We would definitely like all our young people to attend in the future. All the young people have reported to us that they have loved the sessions.”

Julie Edwards   –  Senior Support Worker  –  Supporting Leicestershire Families

“For me, the best part was being able to see the confidence grow and the group dynamic change. At first they were all very shy and reluctant to speak, and by the end you could see a massive change. The progression was apparent in each individual young person, and I feel proud to have been involved in that.”

Rory Perera – Supporting Futures Project Officer

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