RBS Case Study – Money & Me

RBS Case Study – Money & Me

The wellbeing of employees is fundamental to a healthy, happy and productive workforce. At RBS, wellbeing is seen as integral to being a great place to work. Over the past few years, the Bank has focused its wellbeing initiatives across three main pillars: Physical, Mental and Social Wellbeing. Increasingly, RBS is turning its focus to the fourth and final pillar –Financial Wellbeing.

The Challenge

When people refer to financial wellbeing they usually mean financial education; developing knowledge and skills around budgeting, cash flow, and interest rates to name a few. Financial education is important, but RBS realised that this is not the whole picture. The Bank wanted to take a new approach that looked beyond financial information and more towards values, attitudes, commitments and behaviours towards money. RBS partnered with PDP tackle this challenge. 

The Approach

PDP understands that decisions are not only based on knowledge and skills, they are largely based on emotional drivers and experiences – and therefore developed Money & Me as a one day course that is underpinned by self-awareness and identification of values relating to money. 

Money & Me creates a unique environment that is both fun and relatable, but also challenging and stretching.

The programme immerses participants in challenges where they are given opportunities to look at their actions and determine whether their actions align with their values. Participants are taken on an emotional journey which enables them to connect deeply with the content. This acts as a catalyst for behavioural shifts where we help them bring their realisations and understandings in to practice in everyday life. 

During the day participants explore, through a series of high impact, experiential dilemmas, values-based issues relating to:

  • GIVING. 

Through these dilemmas participants learn to understand what drives their emotions and behaviours. They can identify triggers and reactions, resolve conflicts, manage negativity, look at resistance to change, be transparent in their decision making, act with confidence, build commitment to goals, and exercise self-control and positive thinking. 

Importantly, the group reflects purposefully, observing change and building courage.  

The Results

PDP worked with RBS to train 64 facilitators to deliver the programme to their employees.

A blend of HR professionals, Personal Bankers and Commercial Bankers, the facilitators delivered to more than 500 people in their first year.

The training received by the facilitators was exceptional, a two-day course let them experience the programme and then further their personal development through learning the theory, skills and practices needed to deliver the course. 

RBS has embedded the programme as part of its financial wellbeing offering, available to book for all colleagues through their learning platform.

Marketed through their intranet and internal media pages, the programme has had an exceptional response, with 86% of participants reporting that they’d highly recommend the programme to their peers. 

The Bank is now turning its attention to customers and communities, exploring how the programme could improve financial capability all across the UK. 

The Feedback

Everyone who takes part in Money & Me says it’s like nothing they’ve ever experienced before. 

More than two thirds of all attendees say that they plan to change their finances since attending the workshop, which has been tested with participants from a wide range of backgrounds.

From homeless charities through to Personal Bankers and Wealth Managers, the workshop has been universally well received.

Here’s just a small selection of the great praise the programme has received:

“I found the experience really profound and I feel empowered to look after my finances and have a better relationship with money. I would love to be involved in the facilitation of future workshops.”

“The exercises were eye openers for most and a far better way to interact with each other, as opposed to slides and speeches.”

“I’m going to start thinking about how I am spending my money, as I don’t always budget very well.  I need to work out where my money is going and which are the essential items and which I need to cut back on.”

“I am going to open up a savings account, as well as download a couple of apps that help with managing your finances and saving. It was great to hear how other people manage their finances and take inspiration from that.”