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About TCT

Total Commitment Training

Total Commitment Training has been designed by PDP to enable people of all ages to develop positive relationships, enhance their resilience and utilise reflection techniques. PDP can run the TCT course at your venue and we can train and licence your colleagues to deliver the course to your service users. 



Developed by the acclaimed educationalist and Chief Executive of Personal Development Point, Paul Oginsky the Total Commitment Training course has drawn on over 30 years of experience and innovation which has underpinned many of the UK’s major personal and social development programmes including National Citizen Service, ‘Think Big’ and Reach for the Sky. Results based on the impact reports of our current clients people completing the Total Commitment Training course are 70% more likely to complete their training programme.


During 18 hours of interactive training, participants will move through the three phases below and ensure they grow their self-awareness, focus and ambition:

  1. Relationships – Team work, communication, conflict resolution, leadership and co-operation.
  2. Resilience – Clarity of purpose, confidence, determination, self-control and positive thinking.
  3. Refection – Ambition, self-awareness, emotional control and transferred learning.

The basic format for the Total Commitment Training is 15 hours training and  a 3 hour team task.



The 18 hours are adaptable and can be delivered over a 3 day intense training course or as 9 x 2 hour sessions over several weeks. Whilst there are standard exercises there is also built in flexibility by which the person running the course can pick and choose the actual exercises the order of the exercises and even insert a favourite exercise of their own.      


Target Groups

Total Commitment Training has had proven results for;  

  • Unemployed young people
  • Long term unemployed adults
  • Troubled families
  • Students / Apprentices



The Success of Total Commitment Training clients

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