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The PDP team are on hand to help you find the best course to achieve your goals: both personally and for your organisation.

This brochure has been created to give you insight into the work we do.


Our team can create a course specifically to suit your needs, just get in touch with us, we'd be delighted to work with you to design something together.

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PDP’s BounceBack 21 programme has been developed to explore some of the issues we have found arising in dispersed teams which include: burn out, lack of connectivity, loss of office community and meaningful communication.

BounceBack 21 is designed to move people forward in terms of positivity, action and productivity.

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This training programme will bring about the behavioural change required for a sustained approach to financial capability. Participants will get the opportunity to explore their values relating to money, thus enabling them to make more effective financial decisions.

This one day course explores each participant’s relationship to money through focusing on personal values, using cash as a training aid whilst involving 'real-play'.

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It’s hard to perform well without commitment. Whether it’s at work on a new project or with a new team, starting a training course, finding employment or trying to reach a tough goal you’ve set for yourself – the starting point is true commitment.

TCT is a programme designed to work on your commitment mindset to increase readiness and prepare you for the challenge or journey ahead

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ALP will enable participants to lead effectively during times of change and uncertainty. ALP differs from other leadership courses as it is a theory-based experiential course, not a knowledge-based accredited course.


Participants can expect to learn how to lead with authenticity, purpose and integrity.

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A good workforce should be focused, skilled and able to work as a team. Company Team Challenge has been developed by PDP to help businesses achieve better results for their employees’ professional lives.

This course is focused on:

  • Building relationships 

  • Encouraging reflection

  • Enhancing resilience

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