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Have you been booked on to a PDP course?

Let me guess, you've been signed up for a PDP course and you don't know what to expect? The first thing to explain is not to worry. Our courses are not a form of torture, nor interrogation. We won't embarrass you nor single you out. 


We're going to explore some learning theories around human behaviour, our relationship with the world and we'll have fun whilst we do it!  Our courses will leave you knowing more about yourself and we'll even equip you with tools to help after the course.


We've been proud to witness some life-changing revelations on our programmes for our attendees. We live for the light bulb moment and we thrive watching people become the best version of themselves. 

All you need for the sessions is a pen and some paper - that's it! We'll bring everything else. The team are looking forward to welcoming you. 

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