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Are you in a state of flux or languish?

The new post-pandemic workplace

Post-pandemic work teams are in a state of flux. They are coming to grips with big changes in their organisations, new ways of hybrid working, new team structures. Team members have been through their own individual journeys and are returning to work still facing many uncertainties. As we move through October and head into November, we know people are watching for the governments announcements with trepidation.

Equally, the feelings of ‘belonging’ have eroded over time as workers have been left feeling isolated during the pandemic. We've learned that shared purpose and company culture have taken a beating.

Addressing the state of languishing

Experts have identified a post-pandemic phenomenon – a state of ‘languishing’. People are struggling with finding their flow, focus, enthusiasm and even their purpose.

A demand for health and wellbeing

Another trend driving the post-pandemic workplace is the new demand/expectation from employees that health and wellbeing will be built into everything they do. Employers face mounting pressure to support a sense of psychological wellbeing and they must work harder to establish how their workplace policies support this.

Sound familiar?

We've been working with organisations from Tech Giants to Housing Providers to SME's and more to help them acknowledge what it is they have been through over the past 18 months and how to come together to move forward. Our sessions help organisations:

  • Re-Connect with your Team Members

  • Build Team Appreciation & Empathy

  • Give and Ask for Support

  • Overcome ‘languish’ and find your flow

If you're looking for support with your team and want to get back on track, we can help.

Get in touch and we'll listen to what your challenges are and share a suitable solution with you which will benefit the organisation and importantly, colleagues. We can help everyone feel supported and motivated to make sure the winter of 2021 is great for all of you.

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